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Efficient Solar House

Última modificação: 27.01.2015
Casa Solar Eficiente à Noite

The Efficient Solar House of CEPEL is a critical factor in the use of thermal solar and photovoltaic energy technologies as well as techniques for preventing energy waste.

Located on the premises of CEPEL, it is part of the residential segment of CATE and CRESESB in their strategy for creating Demonstration Centers.

Be sure to make the Virtual Tour or 3D Virtual Tour to the Solar House!!!


Scheduling Visits

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To visit Efficient Solar House just contact us at:
Phone: (21) 2598-6174
(Call from Monday to Friday, from 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m. - UTC-03:00 Brasília)

Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour gives a brief description of all equipment used in generating renewable, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind power, and efficient equipment present in the Efficient Solar House.

painel_rastreador aerogerador aquecimento_solar

3D Virtual Tour

In the 3D Virtual Tour to the Solar House you can make an interactive ride at the Efficient Solar House and view its main electrical and electronic equipment, and other objects.

Info: File Size: 2.25 MB - Download time: 42 sec at 56 kps
To view the 3D Virtual Tour, the Blaxxun Contact plug-in must be installed on your Internet Explorer browser. The free download can be done here in.

Tips to navigation

  • Information and details are obtained by clicking on the desired object;
  • There is also a navigation menu on the right of the screen that allows quick and objective navigation in the virtual world.

Instructions for viewing

The 3D scene was developed in VRML and need a plug-in to be displayed in the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox). The VRML plug-ins recommended are: Blaxxun Contact (Only for Internet Explorer) or Cortona3D Viewer (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome). In some cases it may be that the browser blocks execution of the 3D scene. When on the Internet Explorer follow these steps:

passo1 Step 1
Click with the right mouse button on the yellow band that appeared at the top of the screen
passo2 Step 2
Select the option "Allow Content..."
passo3 Step 3
In the security warning click YES


Files for offline viewing are in the package


CRESESB - Centro de Referência para Energia Solar e Eólica Sérgio Brito / CEPEL - Centro de Pesquisas de Energia Elétrica
Av. Horácio Macedo, 354 - Cidade Universitária - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil, CEP 21941-911
Tel: 55 (21) 2598-6174 / 2598-6187 - Fax: 55 (21) 2280-3537 - E-mail:
(Atendimento de segunda à sexta, das 8:00 às 16:30)

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