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About us

Last modified: 03.02.2015

Cresesb is one of the best places for you to be informed about solar and wind energy in Brazil. Cresesb’s mission is to help the development and promote the use of these renewable energies in Brazil. To reach these goals, this Center has been publishing books, newsletters, CD-ROMs, promoting basic and advanced courses and supporting research and events on related subjects. It also mantains a specialized library and website with links to several institutions.

Cresesb supports a demonstration center, the Efficient Solar House, that received, in 17 years, almost 18,000 visitors. The activities of this center attracted the attention of Brazilian media (radio, TV, newspapers and magazines) generating many reports in the main communication vehicles of the country, helping to spread the renewable energy concepts and applications to a general public estimated in millions of people. Cresesb is part of the Electric Power Research Center (Cepel) and is located at Fundão Island - Rio de Janeiro. Cresesb receives financial support from the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME).

Other important governmental institutions, companies, universities and research centers keep a good relationship with Cresesb, supporting or receiving support from it. These relationships show the good connections of Cresesb with the environment of renewable energies development.

An example of this support was the partnership between Cresesb and the National Service of Industrial Learning (Senai), and the support of MME for on the construction of four demonstration centers: a boat-school which sails along the Amazon River, an adapted van that travels countrywide, and two Solar Houses, one in São Luís - MA and another in Taguatinga - DF.

CRESESB - Reference Center of Solar and Wind Energy / CEPEL - Electric Power Research Center
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