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12. Bathroom

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sistema de aquecimento solar
Solar Heating System

The Efficient Solar House does not use electric shower because this is one of the largest energy consumers in a house. Thus, the water used in the bathroom is heated by means of a solar heating system, shown on the image.

The water in the bathroom shower and kitchen tap is heated by a plane solar collector. This type of panel, unlike the PV modules (which transform solar energy into electricity), collects the heat from the sun and transfers it directly to the water flowing in the pipes. The heated water is continuously stored in a thermal reservoir. The movement of water occurs by gravity and depends on the height difference between the water tank and the panel and the density difference resulting from the difference in water temperature at the inlet and outlet panel.

As due to the characteristics of the roof of the house, the height difference between the water tank and the solar collector is small, the movement of water through the panel largely depends on the density difference caused by the temperature difference. A small pump running for a few minutes starts the process until the temperature differential compensates for the little difference in height and circulation process can continue without the aid of the pump.


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