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2. Road Demonstration Unit of Curitiba - PR

Last modified: 28.01.2015
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Text adapted from Galdino et al. (2010).

The Demonstration Centre of SENAI Curitiba is a road mobile unit, mounted in a van-type vehicle. This car is used in traveling demonstrations within the State of Paraná and has the setting of photovoltaic modules on the roof of the vehicle and an adaptation of a living room inside of it (pictured in Figure 1). This unit serves as a demonstration of solar photovoltaic technology in presentations in three shifts (morning, afternoon and evening).

Unidade de Demonstração Rodoviária do SENAI de Curitiba – PR

Figure 1 - Photo of Road Demonstration Unit of SENAI Curitiba - PR.

The van, called Projeto Solaris, has electrical loads inside typical of residential use, such as the following equipment: lighting (lamps), fan, blender, fridge, laptop computer and 46" LED TV, powered by a photovoltaic panel which is mounted on the roof of the vehicle, thus serving as a demonstration of autonomous photovoltaic systems for residential use. The battery bank, inverter and load controller are packed in transparent frames to allow their display.

There is a synoptic table showing the magnitudes (currents, voltages, etc.) involved in operating the photovoltaic system including a pyranometer for measuring the instantaneous solar radiation. The configuration of the mobile unit PV system of SENAI-PR is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 - Characteristics of the PV system of the SENAI-PR van
Electrical system Sun radiation 3.06 kWh/
Daily consumption 1.3 kWh/day
System voltage 24 Vcc
Photovoltaic array 870 Wp (2s * 5p * 87 Wp)
Battery Bank 12.24 kWh (2s * 3p * 170 Ah @C20)
Vehicle Internal capacity 16 m3

Although it is a mobile unit that travels throughout the state, the amount of solar radiation adopted in Table 1 refers to the lowest average monthly rate in Curitiba-PR, according to Atlas Solarimétrico do Brasil (UFPE,2000).

The van also carries 2 mobile kits: PV system for water pumping and solar power conversion system. The mounting of a water heating mobile kit is also provided. During shifts, the kits will be packaged inside the van and secured by appropriate strapping mooring. Once in the place of the presentation, those will be mounted externally to the truck for demonstration. Figure 2 shows cross-sectional views of the van and accommodations within.

Arranjo interno do furgão do SENAI - PR

Figure 2 - Internal Arrangement of SENAI-PR van.


Galdino, M.A. et al, 2010, "Criação de Quatro Centros de Demonstração de Energias Renováveis em diferentes regiões do país". In: Congresso brasileiro de Energia Solar, 3.,  Belém, Set.

UFPE, 2000. Atlas Solarimétrico do Brasil: Banco de Dados Terrestres. 1ª ed. Recife, Ed. Universitária da UFPE. ISBN 85-7315-142-0.

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