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Wind Potential - Atlas do Potencial Eólico Brasileiro (Brazilian Wind Energy Potential Atlas)

Last modified: 30.01.2015
Mapa de velocidade média anual a 50 metros de altura no Brasil
Thematic map of annual average wind speed at 50m height

The Atlas do Potencial Eólico Brasileiro (Brazilian Wind Energy Potential Atlas) covers the entire national territory. Its goal is to provide information to enable decision-makers in identifying areas suitable for aeolian-electric usages.

All over the world, wind generation has expanded at an accelerated rate over the last decade, reaching the gigawatt scale.One of the limiting factors for wind projects has been the lack of consistent and reliable data. A significant part of the anemometer records available may be masked by aerodynamic influences from obstacles, topography and roughness. The availability of representative data is important in the Brazilian case, which has not yet explored this abundant and renewable source significantly.

The Atlas do Potencial Eólico Brasileiro presents thematic maps of average wind regimes (speed, predominant directions and Weinbull statistical parameters) and wind power flow at the height of 50m, in the horizontal resolution of 1km x 1km for the whole country.


Wind Database

The program consults the Atlas do Potencial Eólico Brasileiro for data. The parameters available in the consultation are: seasonal average wind speed in m/s, consolidated C and K factors of the Weibull seasonal wind distribution at 50m height with a resolution of 1km x 1km. This program allows the visualization of wind data from points near the geographic coordinates entered by the user.

Another wind data repository available for consultation is project SWERA (Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment). SWERA provides easy access to high quality information and data on renewable energy resources to users around the world. The goal is to help facilitate decision-making on renewable energy policies and investments, making high quality information available for free to groups of key actors. SWERA products include Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and time series data, along with links to energy optimization tools needed to apply such data.These products are being offered by a team of international experts and partners in the country. The geographic consultation and visualization service is available at:

Search by Coordinate

Developers: Bruno Montezano e Sérgio Melo.

The data consultation is performed from the geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the point of interest. The numeric input format of geographic coordinate can be done in decimal degrees (00.00°) or degrees, minutes and seconds (00°00'00"), based on the option selected in the form.

Valid latitude values must be in the range of 12° North and 40° South and longitude values between 30° West and 80° West.

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